Sarah & Andrew , (Peterhouse Group of School), Zimbawe


The Peterhouse Exploration Club has returned to Zimbabwe after having experienced an extra-ordinary journey into the most awesome places in Nepal with Real Himalaya. We had all lost weight, were desperate for a large piece of steak to eat and were ready for long, hot shower, but actually, deep inside, our bodies and our minds will never, ever be the same again! We have been exposed to a such a plethora of sights, sounds, smells, breathless climbs and an insight into one of the most special and unique cultures that is still on our precious Earth. How can this journey not be life changing? It is one thing to arrive in a country and wander around absorbing its variety of sensations, but it makes all the difference if you are shepherded by people who really care about you as an individual, and also have a special connection with their own countryside and culture. Real Himalaya was not just a company with ordinary people who took you from one place to another as part of a routine. Each individual Guide could not help but make you actually feel, breathe, and understand what their country was truly about. You were automatically drawn in, and nothing could stop you! The energy, the passion and the empathy shared by the Guides in Real Himalaya were utterly captivating and we have returned to Zimbabwe still reeling around in their enthusiasm and positivity. The Guides from Real Himalaya are capable of giving anybody an experience they will NEVER forget, even if they were showing you the moon! Each person on their team had an important role to play in their three week exhibition showing us incredible parts of Nepal! Not many schools take their final year students to Everest Base Camp. Now I know why. It was tough. It was challenging - extremely challenging - not only for them physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Some of our Peterhouse Explorers were simply not ready for such a challenge and I think the trip was all too much for them. Others are battling to find the words to describe what they have learnt - it is hard when you are only 18 years old! However, I hope that as the expedition nestles into their memory bank and matures, they will gleen various things from their experience that no other school tour could have ever provided them. We can wait and watch to see if it has had any impact on these young explorers at all. Andrew and I, and the Guides of Real Himalaya did everything we could to provide a life changing experience for some of our school seniors - some will have learnt and grown tremendously from this, and others simply came, walked, got a t-shirt and a fancy gadget in the Dubai duty free! You simply can not predict how teenagers behave or react these days! Real Himalaya has an incredible ethos. Peterhouse could learn lots from watching how these people work and treat each other. Their team work is incredible and admirable. They want to make things work well and will do everything they can to support each other in getting things to work well. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to explore any corner of Nepal - from summitting Everest, to mountain biking in Annurpurna. If they have coped with twenty teenagers and four teachers from Peterhouse, they can cope with any group, any size, anywhere! The Peterhouse Exploration Club thanks Real Himalaya very sincerely for a trip of a lifetime! Many thanks

Zineb & Kiril , Morocco


The Annapurna Circuit Trek is a beautiful trek with stunning views. We really feel we are travelling, with an everyday changing scene. Thank you very much Real Himalaya for the service and hope to work together again, "Guides: The guides gave us a very good service with a cheering smile. A special attention was given to everyone and a lot of efforts for our satisfaction. The Buddhist ceremonies that they organized were a very special moment, something exclusive and unforgettable. In general, there was a big satisfaction of the group about our guides. Accommodation: The lodges were fine and the food was also good. A special thank for the single room that are not easy to organise everywhere.

Valerie , Singapore


My first visit to Nepal and my first taste of a long trek turned out to be one of my most awesome and most memorable experience. Special thanks to the Real Himalaya.Real Himalaya provided not only a unique experience but a UNIQUELY YOURS experience. Our guide Sangey and team ensured we were well sheltered with comfortable lodges, fed and taken care of. They were attentive and ensured that we were served hot drinks immediately at the lodges, so that the bunch of us from Singapore, who were used to warm weather 365 days a year, were kept warm and cosy.On top of that the sweet team prepared a surprise birthday cake for a friend who celebrated his 30th birthday in the high camp of the Annapurna trek at 4,800m above sea level!We also had a jolly time to celebrate our achievement of reaching the Throng La High Pass and end of the 10 days trek with loads of singing and dancing and loads of laughter. Awww I simply missed the team for their warmth and sincerity just by recalling the events of my trek.I will highly recommend the Real Himalaya for your UNIQUELY YOURS experience in Nepal

Yeow HC , Singapore


Being my first time to Nepal for trekking, I wasn't sure what to expect.But having Dayula Sherpa as my trip leader and guide, there was no worries. He has many years of experience, and we trust in the decisions he makes concerning our trek.Our route passes through many mountains and valleys which provides stunning views. Our stay at the teahouses went smoothly as arrangements was well organized. The scenery towards the base camp is pristine and beautifully covered in snow. It can get a bit tricky when the trail turns to ice, but we feel safe in the capable hands of our guide and take his advice.I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and recommend any trip lead by Dayula Sherpa.Regards,Yeow HC

Naideen Underwood , Capetown, South Africa


Andrea and I had the best ever holiday in the care of yourself and Gokul. The tour was beautifully planned, the hotels, great and Gokul's untiring care for our wellbeing and the hiring of a wheelchair for me, and his interesting and informative stories and facts on all we saw left nothing to be desired. He was a good companion and we enjoyed his company. Our driver Banti deserves a medal for all the great driving he did. It was a real pleasure meeting you and we will certainly be referring you and your Real Himalaya, and Gokul. to anyone we meet in the future. Many many thanks and best wishes for the future.Naideen and Andrea.

Liew Kok Fong , Singapore


Dayula was the chief guide for our Annapura Circuit Trek in May 2014. The trek itself was awesome, but with dayula around, we believed we have enjoyed ourselves to the max. He is knowledgeable and skillful for mountaineering. We felt extremely safe with him around. He had really taken very good care of us. I told my group of hiking friends, I will go back to nepal for another trek if and only Dayula can guide me again. Really appreciate his sharing and care during our last trip. Highly recommended for Real Himalaya and of course Dayula!!

Jean Collins & Murray Derksen , Capetown, South Africa


In April 2012 DaYula led our group of 8 South African hikers on a trip to Everest Base Camp. We liked DaYula immediately when we met him in Kathmandu; he is friendly and professional and shared our enthusiasm for our awaiting adventure. We soon realized that he would go the extra mile to help us with anything we needed. DaYula became our good friend during our 2 week expedition and we enjoyed his company immensely. In fact he made our trip extra special and we can't imagine that it would have been as much fun or as interesting without him and his team. He spent time chatting to each of us and answering all of our many questions. When a few our team members got ill his concern for their health was really touching, it was clear that he cares deeply for the safely and wellness of his clients. After spending 2 weeks in the beautiful Himalayas we decided that we would like to spend our last few days of our Nepal trip hiking in the Annapurna region, but we would only go if DaYula could be our guide. Nothing is too much trouble for DaYula and without any hassle he arranged all the logistics and guided us for another 5 amazing days in the Annapurna region. We would highly recommend DaYula as a guide to anyone visiting Nepal and we hope to return soon to do our first peak climb with DaYula.

Lance Trumbull , USA


I have known DaYula for many years. In 2006 he was one of the lead Sherpas on my history-making Everest Climb for Peace expedition. DaYula did an incredible job making sure we were all safe. He also summited and appeared in the documentary that was later made. In 2011 I used him again for a trek to Everest Base Camp. Again, he was terrific. DaYula has great customer service skills; he cares deeply about his clients, is extremely helpful and trustworthy, and will always go the extra mile to help no matter what you need. I would trust him with my life…well, actually I have! - and I will continue to do so. I highly recommend DaYula; he is a good man with a good heart. The Everest Peace Project –

Andrew Gillespie , Capetown, South Africa


I was recently part of a group that was guided by Da Yula Sherpa, both to Everest Base Camp and in the Annapurna Range. (April 2012) What made the difference to our experience was the quality of the people who guided and educated, welcomed and helped us – the family that looked after us whilst we were there. They key factor however, that made our adventure truly special, unique and wonder-filled, was our guide, Da Yula Sherpa, and his team. He is a man amongst men, and with his brother and nephew – were the best team we could ever have hoped or imagined to have guide and look after us in the Himalaya. Da Yula's preparation, experience and attention to detail made our experience wonderful. I don't say this lightly – his attention to all details : - food, illness scenario's, logistics on the mountain, accommodation, routes, comfort, security, every conceivable variable that could have been prepared for and thought about - was incredible and so thorough. Being with them made the adventure rich in detail – we learned SO MUCH from him about Nepal, the people, the culture, the mountains, he and his team were so much more than walking guides. They were anything but that – and the unit we formed up there was incredibly special. They made our trip, and I will recommend them unreservedly to anyone venturing to Nepal. Please contact me directly should you wish to….

Lee Hong Liang and Team , Singapore


"Dayula Sherpa was our chief guide for our Tent Peak trip in November 2011. There was no question about his professionalism, skills, foresight and experience, all of which contributed to our successful climb, allowing us to become the first Singaporean team to summit Tent Peak. Dayula was patient and attentive to our needs, leaving no stones unturned in ensuring our safety throughout the trip. His team of assistant guides, cooks and porters were also impressive in terms of service, reliability and experience. I will not hesitant for a second in recommending Real Himalaya (Dayula Sherpa) for any climbing or trekking trips in Nepal."

Lexi , England


"Da Yula Sherpa (Real Himalaya) is a very professional and experienced guide. During our trek to Everest Base Camp in October 2012 he was organised, helpful, attentive and very supportive but without being intrusive. I would highly recommend him for any trek or climb and hope to work with him again in future." Lexi Quinton, England.

Dorte and Christo , Denmark


In October 2010 we succeeded to place a memory plate for the Bulgarian Everest conqueror Mr. Hristo Prodanov above Thukla with the professional and competent help of Mr. Da Yula Sherpa, one of the worlds best climbers himself. We are impressed of the detailed planning, the precise execution and the excellent service from Da Yula and his team. We just love his kindness (and humour), respect and care for all people and we are overwhelmed by the respect he is met with. Thanks to Mr. Da Yula Sherpa we had the most fantastic experience in KTM and Khumbu. A real Himalayan adventure for a life-time.

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