Our priority is always “Safety First”.

Real Himalaya is focussed on ensuring our guest's safety and security during their trip. During all our treks and expeditions we use the following safety systems and equipment:


SAT Phone:  Nowadays most trekking areas receive mobile network coverage. However, there are a few areas that do not currently have any communication access. In such conditions, we provide SAT phone for our trekkers and climbers to stay in touch. Our guides are well trained to use SAT phone.


Walky-Talky: If a trekking group is large in number (over ten persons), we provide Walky-Talky communication devices for the team. This provides useful communication between guides and assistant guides while they are at a distance within the group.


First-Aid Kit: All departures with Real Himalaya are equipped with a First-Aid kit, which is carried by guides or support staff. All of our staffs have basic medical and first aid training.


Oximeter: If the trekking elevation is above 3000 metres, we provide pulse oximeters to our guides. They will monitor your oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate every day, to ensure your health and safety at high altitudes. Our guides will monitor and take note of any sign of altitude sickness during your trip.


Oxygen Bottle and Regulator Mask: Real Himalaya can provide oxygen bottles and regulator masks when necessary to avoid serious altitude sickness. We provide oxygen equipment upon request or if we have a large group (+15 persons).


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