We would like to introduce ourselves as Real Himalaya Pvt. Ltd. We are a reliable company serving every type of traveller. On the basis of feedback from our previous clients, you can be certain that Real Himalaya Pvt. Ltd is a trusted company.

Real Himalaya always likes to go with your convenience. We can:

Offer and recommend the perfect itinerary and other information regarding your trip.
- All our itineraries are prepared and approved by professional guides and are suitable for general travellers. We can also provide any additional information you may require for your trip.

Customise your itinerary according to your need.
- Our itineraries are flexible; we are experts at creating tailor-made itineraries according to your specific requirements.

Suggest the perfect time, duration and cost for your trip.
- We always provide accurate information regarding the best time to go, the ideal length for your trip, and a fair price. We cost our trips according to Fair Trade Policy.

Offer an individual or group trip as per your choice.
- We can accomodate single travellers as well as large groups on all our offered trips. You don't have to form a group to visit Nepal. You can feel safe with us, and be sure that our experienced guides and staff will take care of you throughout your entire trip. We can prepare the best itinerary for your trip according to your preferences once you give us your basic planning information.
Individual Travelers : 1 Person, 2 Person, 3 Person / Group Travelers : 4 Person or more

Offer flexible departure dates. 
- No matter when you intend to start your trip, just let us know your travel plans. We are ready to start according to your preferred schedule.

Organise your trip to your chosen destination.
- Select your destination (restricted areas, remote areas, high mountains, forests etc). We are ready to go!

Geographically, Nepal is divided into three distinct regions:
Low Land (0 - 800 m elevation from sea level) - covered with flat land, forest, wetlands, and foothills.
Mid Land (800 m - 3000 m elevation from sea level) - covered with high hills, valleys, lakes, and forest.
High Land (3000 m - 8848 m elevation from sea level) - covered with high mountains, peaks, and forest.

We offer a wide range of travel services to any destination within Nepal. There are hundreds of popular destinations to visit, so just let us know your interests. We will arrange everything you need from your departure, to your destination and back.



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