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Peak Climbing is another popular tourist activity in Nepal. The Nepal government has made more than one hundred climbing peaks available to tourists . Many of the peaks are possible to climb within a short period and can be included on some treks (referred to as trekking peaks).

If a climbing peak is included within a combined trekking itinerary, the climbing duration will be not longer than five days. You do not need extra experience or special preparation in order to climb such peaks; our guides will provide you with the basic knowledge required for using the appropriate gear and equipment, and provide you with the relevant training before you start climbing. If you desire to fulfil your dream to climb a Nepali mountain, then combining a climb within your trekking experience is a great option. 

Generally, peaks between 6000 metres to 6500 metres high are counted as trekking peaks.

Most popular trekking peaks in Nepal:

- Island Peak
- Lobuche Peak
- Mera Peak
- Cholatese Peak
- Pokalde Peak
- Parchermo Peak
- Ramdungo Peak
- Yala Peak
- Pisang Peak
- Chulu Peak
- Thorong Peak
- Tent Peak

Basic climbing gears for peak climbing
- Harness
- Zumer
- Helmet
- Crampons
- Climbing boots
- Ice axe
- Head lamp
- Descender/Figure 8
- Carrabiner
- Gloves
- Socks
- Gaiters
- Ice screw

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