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1. Real Himalaya Pvt. Ltd

- We are a licensed company to operate treks, expedition, peak climbing, and private holidays. Services are provided under the Nepalese government law.

2. Nepal (Airport/Visa/Time/Language)

- Many international airlines operate flights to Kathmandu (KTM) including Qatar Airways, Thai Airways, Korean Air, Dragon air, Silk air, Eithad Airways, Air China, Air India, Jet Air, Oman Air, Turkish Air, Druk Air, etc.

- Tourist visas for Nepal can be obtained from a Nepalese embassy or consulate out of country, or upon arrival at Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu. If you are entering Nepal by land, you can obtain tourist visa from the immigration office at entry points along the Nepalese border. For further information including online visa application forms, visit

or please visit

- We are +5.45hr ahead from GMT

- Nepali is the native language of Nepal; however English is spoken widely.

3. Bank, Cards & Money

-  All kinds of banking services are available through local banks in Nepal. All major credit/debit cards are accepted, and foreign currency exchange counters are widely available in Kathmandu. USD, EURO, GBP and other major currencies are accepted.

4. Climate

Nepal's climate varies with its topography and altitude, ranging from tropical to arctic. The low-land Terai region, with a maximum altitude of approximately 305 m, lies in the tropical southern part of the country, and has a hot and humid climate that can rise above 45 degree Celsius (113 degree Fahrenheit) during summer. The mid-land or hill regions are pleasant almost all year round, although winter nights are chilly. The northern mountain region, with an average altitude above 3,300 m, has an alpine climate with considerably lower temperatures in winter, as can be expected.


Nepal has four climatic seasons:

Spring (March-May): The temperature is mildly warm in the low lands while moderate in higher altitudes, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy formidable mountain views. It is also the time for flowers to blossom, and the national flower of Nepal, the rhododendron, surrounds the ascending altitudes with its magnanimous colour and beauty.

Summer (June-August): This is also the monsoon season in Nepal. The weather is hot and wet at times. It rains almost everyday with occasional thunderstorms in the evening. The rain spreads pleasantness around with lush green vegetation.

Autumn (September-November): This is the peak tourist season in Nepal, with the summer over, yet before winter sets in. The weather is pleasant and clear. This is the peak season for trekking as mountain views are guaranteed, so it's best to book your flight in advance. This is also the season of festivities as Nepal celebrates its largest Hindu festival Dashain, followed by Tihar.

Winter (December-February): The weather is cool and the sky is clear, with occasional snowfall at higher elevations. This season is good for trekking in lower elevations. Mornings and nights are cold and the days are warm when sunny.

Travel tips

Monsoon in Nepal is not the typical monsoon of Asia. Rains usually occur during the night time leaving the sky clean and clear by the morning, and making views of the Himalaya even more dramatic. Some parts of the Himalaya such as Manang, Mustang and Dolpo lie in rain-shadow areas where the mountains are high enough to block the clouds. For this reason, the peak travel season for these areas, along with Tibet, correspond to Nepal’s monsoon.


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